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Troy Witherow scored for my first short film Footsteps. And I just finished a music video for his band Illitry.

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Here is a little video I wrote and directed for Mercedes-Benz Vancouver. Produced by Jesse Hunt at Incision Creative

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Ian Thornley.

Ian Thornley.

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Day + Night.

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New shoots! More photos soon!

New shoots! More photos soon!

March 27, 2014   5 notes

Thanks to the fine folk over at Vimeo HQ Set No Path is a now a Vimeo Staff Pick! Also, if you’d like to read the script CLICK HERE. There was a few changes to what happened throughout filming and editing that may be interesting if you’re interested.

March 26, 2014

Did you watch my short film Set No Path? If you did, you know what a big part the score does and evoking the emotion in the story. In case you want to listen or download the score by itself, here is the Set No Path OST by Justin Dubé

March 25, 2014   17 notes

My second short film ‘Set No Path’ is now up!

March 20, 2014   16 notes

Here are some stills from my short film “Set No Path” that will be released next Tuesday.